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CieAura Chip users are reporting increased focus and concentration along with better feelings and physical abilities.


Holographic Chips™. These highly effective chips are completely drug free and non-transdermal. They contain a unique combination of intrinsic energies that work to perform many functions such as alleviating pain, increasing energy, aiding in more restful sleep, and much more.

The chips are very simple to use. Simply place them on your body in the appropriate acupuncture points to achieve optimal effectiveness

The CieAura chips have become increasingly popular as a natural way to help the human body, whether it is increasing energy or sports performance, or decreasing pain. Try the CieAura chips today, and see what a difference they can make for you!


Pure Relief – uses your body’s natural meridians and interacts with your body to rapidly reduce or eliminate discomfort by redirecting its energy flow. 18 chips.

Pure Relief Chip: Place the Pure Relief Chip approximately 2 inches away from any part on your body that is sore or in pain (back, hip, shoulder, leg, etc.) and feel the pain disappear over time. Most importantly, the Pure Relief Chip is safe, effective, and does not produce any side effects associated with pain medications.

How does it work? When a part of your body is in pain, your body will direct energy toward the aggravated area. When the chip is placed near the area of pain or discomfort, the intrinsic energies contained in the chip work to redirect the energy, which alleviate the pain.

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Rest Quiet – allows a complete deep rest without taking anything, so you get a GREAT night’s sleep and wake up refreshed. 18 chips.

Rest Quiet: Many people have a hard time getting a good night’s rest, and as a result feel tired and groggy throughout the day. The Rest Quiet Chip helps you get a deep, restful sleep at night without the use of any drugs or chemicals, allowing you to wake up refreshed and ready to start the day.

How does it work? The chip balances the natural energy that flows through your body, which allows you to relax and get a good night’s rest.

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Pure Energy Plus – is not a burst of energy but a subtle increase of consistent energy, balance, and mental alertness all day long...naturally. 18 chips.

Pure Energy Plus: The Pure Energy Plus Chip helps your body function at its optimum level, making you feel more energized and focused throughout the day. Best of all, the Pure Energy Plus Chip is 100% natural and contains no sugar, caffeine or other stimulants found in many other energy products.

How does it work? The chip works to balance the energy in your body, which allows your body to use fat, its most efficient source of energy, instead of relying on outside sources such as sugar or caffeine for energy.

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EMF – counteracts your cell phone's emissions and fortifies your body's natural resistance to EMFs, especially in concentrated areas on the body such as your ears and brain. 6 Cell phone chips and 7 Bluetooth chips.

EMF (Electro Magnetic Field): Cell phones are viewed as a necessity by many people in today’s world, but the harmful effects of cell phones should not be taken lightly. According to several studies, higher incidences of cancer and other health problems have been observed by long-term cell phone users due to the radiation given off by cell phones. With the EMF Chip, the harmful effects of the emissions from cell phones are counteracted, which helps protect your body.

How does it work? The EMF chip counteracts the harmful emissions given off by cell phones, and strengthens your body’s natural resistance to EMFs.


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CX2 High Performance Energy Pack – enhances athletic performance. CX2 Professional Strength Energy Chips and CX2 Circulation Chips. Peak performance every time...compete at your best using both CX2 chips and give an Optimal Performance! 15 CX2 Professional Strength Energy Chips (oval shaped) and 9 CX2 Circulation and Discomfort Chips (circle shaped). 24 chips per pack.

The CX2 Professional Strength Energy Chip can improve endurance, mental clarity and focus, balance and muscle mass as you workout or compete. The CX2 Circulation and Discomfort Chip is placed on the body (in addition to the CX2 Professional Strength Energy Chips) in the spot you anticipate would be most likely to experience discomfort of become sore during or after athletic competition. Note: This chip was formerly square shaped and in newer shipments are circle shaped.

CX2: The CX2 packet comes with 2 different types of chips: the CX2 Professional Strength Energy Chip and the CX2 Circulation and Discomfort Chip. The chips are ideal for athletes looking to increase their performance as well as decrease fatigue. The Professional Strength Energy Chip helps improve endurance, stamina and focus, while the Circulation and Discomfort Chip helps relieve discomfort and soreness during and after physical exertion.

How does it work? The chips are placed in specific spots on the body that work with the body’s natural energy flow to increase energy, reduce exhaustion, increase focus, increase circulation, reduce pain and soreness and much more.

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**NEW** Sinus Allergy Relief – Our bodies were not intended to have allergic reactions. CieAura's SinusAllergyRelief Chips help balance energies and strengthen your body's system, specifically as it relates to sinus allergy reactions, and put you back to your natural base functions. 12 Chips per pack (one month supply). Chips can be worn for up to 3 days each.

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